Is it possible for me to get a 4-user demo version?

I want to try friendlyseats in our office.
I want to first use a 4-user version (since Our present Hardware is capable of this only)
We would like to tryout this for 2-weeks, and if found suitable, we will go for a 8-user version, and buy New Hardware for this.
Is it possible for me to get a 4-user demo version for 2-weeks.And if you do not have a 4-user Demo, and I purchase one, will it be possible to moving the Solution and upgrade to a 8-user version, after about 3 weeks on a NEW hardware OR return the Solution if not found to be performing as per our requirements.

Santosh Sarwate
(e-mail was corrupted, please read answer here)

Yes you can get 2-weeks demo-version for 4-seats.
For getting demo-version, please, fill out the form here.
(in field "Additional information" specify the following: "demo version for 2-weeks")
In case of buying of 4-seats license you can upgrade your license to bigger number of seats later. You will only need to pay the difference in price for 4 and 8 seats version.