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Multiuser computers based on Friendly Seats software can be used both in business and at home. We suggest you to look at examples of their use:

Libraries - computer with Friendly Seats is a complete turn-key solution that helps to save time, money and electrical energy.

Education - It's like buying one computer and get 8 for free! You will get more computers without a bloated budget and less trouble for the administration.

Internet cafes - an easy way to sell Internet access. All you need is one computer and our software. You will be able to serve more customers at lower cost.

Hotel business (Hospitality) - from hotel lobby public PCs to the business center with self-service. Organize new sources of income and guest loyalty.

Hot lines (call-centers) - no matter what you’re running a small call-center based on Skype, or a large network of call-centers with an established ACD solution, we can help you reduce IT costs and improve productivity.

Health Care - Friendly Seats will help you improve the quality of patient care and increase the level of cooperation in the collective.

Retail – you’ve get reduced cost of commercial equipment and warehouse equipment. On the basis of one computer you can organize several cash registers or self-service kiosks.

Banks - promote new services and products while reducing lineups and staff costs. Your customers will be able to use their own online-banking account, to learn more about your product, fill out the necessary forms immediately in electronic form.

Exhibition business - information kiosks will provide greater coverage of the audience and increase your advertising space.