Multiseat Advantages Print
Save Space and Money

Friendly Seats will save you money and space on the table. You don't need to spend money on another base units, then bother where to put them. By using Friendly Seats, you simply get new workstations near one existing base unit. And remember: The money saved means the money earned!

Ease of Administration and Maintenance

Tired of installing and updating the programs simultaneously on multiple computers in the office? With Friendly Seats you can use only one copy of the program for several users. You will essentially save time and efforts to administer workstations.

Fast Deployment

To install one system unit and 8 sets of keyboard-mouse-monitor can be much faster than install 8 system units, monitors, mice, keyboards and a local area network for connecting workstations. If you want to quickly organize several workstations - try to use Friendly Seats, and you will significantly save your time!

Simplifying Construction of Local Area Network

You don't need to establish a local area network between workstations, since all users are actually working on the same computer. You get significant savings on network cards, hubs, routers, network cables. When connecting to the Internet to a central system unit, Internet access appears at all workplaces. And thanks to the innovative technology of separation of network addresses in Friendly Seats, every new workstation is shown in a computer network as a separate computer. Thus, you can play online games, surf the Web, keep accounts at each workplace as if you were using a separate computer at each workstation.

Simplicity and Efficiency

The interface of Friendly Seats is specially designed to simplify connectivity and customization of the peripherals for new workstations. Connect the monitor, keyboard and mouse and simply drag the relevant icon from the list of available devices in the list of workstations. Working with the interface of Friendly Seats will be a pure pleasure to you!


Friendly Seats is used:
  • At Home;
  • In the office;
  • In call-centers;
  • In Internet cafes and Cyber Cafes;
  • In schools and universities;
  • Wherever it is necessary to save space and money for the organization of several workstations.

Watch the video describing the actual working Friendly Seats system or download a free demo version now and try the convenience and efficiency of our software.